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The new store will be where three rundown buildings used to be, across from Industrial Drive, according to a Facebook post on the Town of Lexington page.


Crash slows traffic on Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. The incident was reported around p. Salley's year-old mayor lost his seat to a write-in candidate by 5 votes. What happened, and what's next for Salley? CPD seeks year-old man accused of breaking into home, assaulting another man. Authorities said Evans is accused of breaking into a home on the block of Hollywood Drive at 2 a.

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While inside, officials said Evans stole a variety of electronic items and pepper-sprayed a man who came home to find Evans inside. Suspect burglarized a home, pepper-sprayed victim. Jackie Lee Evans, 56, is accused of breaking into a home at the block of Hollywood Drive at approximately 2 a. Freeze watch issued for the Midlands as temps to drop suddenly. The first round of cold air will push into the area on Friday, but the coldest air of the season is on the way for next week.

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New pub, music school coming to Blythewood. Blythewood will soon have a new restaurant and music school headquarters. Manchester, NH counton2. Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford passes out fake trillion dollar bills to bring attention to record setting deficit.

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Voters in Columbia, Irmo were heard loudly and clearly on Election Day In the wake of the recent Election Day results across the Midlands, we have a two-word reply to those who still think that off-year elections stir little voter passion — or that they largely serve to keep those who already hold power in power. All homeowners on a Lexington dirt road have to sign a petition to have it paved.

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Family member means an individual who is the employee's spouse, parent, brother, sister, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, a child residing in the employee's household, or an individual claimed by the employee or the employee's spouse as a dependent for income tax purposes. Have you or any members of your family ever been a victim of a crime committed by a juvenile who is currently under the supervision of DJJ?

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If yes, type in yes and give the last name of the juvenile,date and location of trial. If no, please type in no. Are you related to any juvenile who is currently under the supervision of DJJ? If yes, give the last name of the juvenile, date and location of trial.

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If no, type in no. Please type in your complete driver's license number beginning with the state that issued your driver license. Black South Carolinians are more likely to be arrested than anyone anywhere else in the world. Joe Neal D-Richland.

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These laws, with varying degrees of coverage, require police to keep records and make reports on the race of those stopped. Conyers says a federal law is needed that "responds to concerns that minorities are disproportionately subject to harassment through unwarranted traffic stops.

If the constitutional guarantee of equal protection means anything, it has to mean that it is unacceptable for our citizens to be stopped and searched on account of their race. Conyers' bill would require the U. In , upon signing the first law to track racial profiling, N.

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Jim Hunt said, "North Carolina isn't the only state where minorities feel targeted by law enforcement officers, but we are the only state that is doing something about it. The Missouri law requires all police to fill out a question form for each traffic stop, including those that don't result in a ticket. The forms take about 30 seconds to fill out, and record the reason for the stop, the race, age and gender of the driver, as well as if there was a search or arrest.

The law also requires police departments to file a one-page annual report that summarizes their traffic stop information. LeMieux's only regret about the bill which is the model of the ACLU's national campaign against racial profiling is that it only covers traffic stops.

LeMieux was surprised at how little opposition the bill encountered. The bill's victory was ensured when "some well-respected African-American legislators got on the floor and told of their experiences with racial profiling.

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The Highway Patrol generally gets good reviews in discussions about racial profiling. Most of the complaints are about county and city officers. The state troopers on patrol duty, who make up less than 5 percent of the police in the state, wrote more than half , of the state's traffic tickets last year. After a nationally publicized video of a South Carolina highway patrolman terrorizing a black woman motorist in , the agency was forced to address the problem of racial profiling. The ACE team is a special division of the Highway Patrol whose mission is to keep the state's interstates free of drugs.